Just recently I watched Nerd³ recently and I came across a video where he played a game called 'Hard Time'. It's a great, free indie game which is about being in a pretty harsh prison... and I mean harsh. I suggest you download it here and try it out. You can also buy a boxed version of the free game, but... I don't think many people do. But, don't take my word for how awesome and ridiculous it is, watch this video by Nerd³ as proof! 


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P.S. As Harry would know as he saw this first hand, my character actually lost a leg in a fight. By being chopped off. By a warden. With a broom. Yeah, I know. My guy had a tough life.

I saw this game also in a move. Hot Tub Time Machine.  It's a riot. I did the be a good guy and study route. I did the join a gang and be a bad ass. Then I decided to see how far I could go just killing everyone 

Hint, if you want to go the bad ass route, hide all the weapons you get in your cell.  Guns that run out of ammunition refill after 24 game hours. I was able to get every conceivable weapon and then handicapped everyone in the prison including wardens etc.  Yes, about half die but the ones that don't walk , crawl and fall around without limbs. It can be funny having a warden with one arm and no legs telling you to to return to your cell. 

It seems that once the alarm goes off and your wanted. You can survive a long time. Days, weeks...  Kill off the guard in the kitchen and you can even get lunch everyday your on the run! 

My goal was to try and kill everyone in the game since it does not reproduce new players while your wanted and the alarm is on. So after wounding or killing all the inmates and keeping a few wounded guards I went to kill off all the inmates I left wounded, and then the guards. I wanted to see what happened if your the last man alive and the alarm is still on. I got very close and a one armed warden got my sword and took me to court, lol I was two people away from an empty prison. 

I really would love to do screen shots or a movie, but even the screen print button does not seem to work. Any info on that would be great. 

This game has an old school feel to it lost in most games these days. 

 Glad to see someone else enjoys the game!

Yes, I was googling around to see if anyone else was playing this. Found your post. Was glad to find someone else was too!
It's a fun & funny game, and free so whats not to like. I will have too see if any of his others are as fun.
 I just killed everyone. But one new guy always comes back without announcement.  Otherwise if the alarm is on, you can kill all the guards and they do not come back. The last guard was still alive with just a torso and he flung himself around giving me orders. He took the longest to kill, with no arms or legs, there is not much to attack and guns are useless. But it was funny to watch him do the fish out of water across the exercise yard. Now to see if they release me while I am wanted for murder... 
Cheers Tim 



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